Website created by JB Technology © 2013 J.O.B. (Jump on Board) Travel - Est. 2001   I like to refer to the service I provide as a "travel experience"- something people will remember forever. Travel is discovering new places. Travel is discovering an ancient realm. Travel is reconnecting with old friends and new loves. Travel is the way Explorers discovered Australia. The Travel Industry was the career path I'd always wanted to take and finally got the opportunity to do so. I am rewarded in seeing the joy I bring to people from organising their first holiday to a new destination to reuniting people with friends and relatives overseas. My passion for this business is what drives me to create and tailor the best possible holiday that satisfies my client's individual needs and expectations. I truly believe that good service is the corner stone to any successful business. This is the foundation I work with every day. I aim to provide great service to all of my clients at a competitive and affordable price. So, Jump On Board and let me create a travel experience for you!